Made  by  the  two  words   ‘color’ and ‘taste’,  COLORTASTE  is   the   perfect combination to describe the work of the Italian photographer Alfonso Catalano. ‘Color’ recalls the world of the art and ‘taste’ represents the world of food. Culinary art in all its different flavors. The project  was born in Italy form an original idea of Alfonso Catalano in collaboration with some of the best Michelin-star cooks with the intention to explore the relationship between the taste of food dishes and their visual impact. Catalano asked the master chefs to reinterpret, and literally to reinvent their recipes, as they were abstract art. Taking inspiration from famous masterpieces, they all unleashed their creativity to combine the original ingredients into a new form of art. The cooks composed  their artwork on a special backlit table which Alfonso Catalano have then photographed and crystallized into a permanent artistic installation where the culinary dimension gives space to imagination. The end result is colored and eye-catching and, by moving away from the original nature of the food ingredients, gives to the people who look at it new emotions and inspirations.